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Lmao this OG is goiN HAM right now, calling all his ppl on three way cuz he heard me singing in these streets lol hilarious, but he dead serious! He said he making them come with that Bread, that Frank White money lol! Looking me Men In Yellow! I love this dude! A real Chicago mf from the Southside..pimp tight show you right.

As a musician and student of the universe, cymatics is a beautiful thing! The study of seeing sounds and vibration in the physical frequency form is amazing. The way the vibrations forms much like the human membrane and cells! The DNA of sound is made up similar to our DNA which reflects the DNA of the Universe! Sacred Geometry is everywhere! #cymatics #study #enlightenment #sound #dna #science #universe #realconversation #nationlove #mymorning

Living like its my last summer no matter what!!! Met some beautiful people tonight that support the artistry! I love this city. Dude walked up and said “Oh Shit your the #VintageNation girl” lol other guys ran up talm bout #I be on the baaaaaack streets, we’ve still got that video from last year” lol #inkthedream

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