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Some people know that life is meant to be lived to the max, that your dream is a sacred map to your personal legend, that adventures are apart of the journey, that everything is connected, that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, that positivity is mindset, that true artist cannot be boxed in, that real music is liberation for the spirit, body and the mind, that Weekdays are meant to be lived like weekends!! We are #GenerationX

Come see @VINTAGE_NATION @HEROTHEBAND @WILLIEHYN @ANOTHER_GYPSY @HIGHIMDEVIN @_CALIFORNICATION LIVE IN CONCERT THIS SATURDAY #APRIL12 Ladies Free til 8:30 Ladies Free til 8:30 Ladies Free till 8:30 LADIES FREE TIL 8:30! <$10> #vintagenation #woodstockgang #aroa

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